AI-Based Smart Text Response Intent Detection & Classification

Leverage AI and Machine Learning algorithms to analyze text message responses for automatic intent detection and classification. Make your SMS campaigns smarter with AI and Natural Language Processing.


How it Works

AI-based intent detection and classification typically works by analyzing incoming text messages and classifying them into one of three intents:


"Interested_general" (Interested in buying)

Customer responses with an expressed interest in a product or service and showing a positive engagement are classified into this intent category.


"Neutral" (No clear intent expressed):

Message responses that lack a specific keyword, show no clear interest or intent, and can’t be classified as strong preferences are labeled “Neutral”.


"Opt-Out" (Wants to unsubscribe from messaging)

Message responses classified as “Opt-Out” have strong preferences or specific keywords, which means that customers want to stop receiving any future communications.

Reason to Use Our AI-based Intent Detection & Classifier


Better Customer Engagement:

AI spots truly interested customers, enabling precise follow-up communication for more effective interactions.


Smart Neutrals Handling

Sorting neutral responses helps businesses identify undecided customers for personalized follow-ups, improving engagement.


Compliance Assurance:

"Opt-Out" ensures prompt and accurate handling of requests, keeping businesses compliant with data protection laws and avoiding legal concerns.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

AI-driven automation streamlines messaging, delivering relevance and respect for preferences, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.


Resource Savings:

Automation reduces the manual effort required to sort and classify text messages, leading to operational cost savings.


Real-time Analysis:

AI can analyze incoming messages in real time, enabling businesses to respond promptly to customer requests and inquiries.


Adaptive Learning:

AI systems can continuously learn and adapt to changing customer behaviors and preferences, improving their accuracy over time.


Targeted Marketing:

By accurately classifying customer intent, businesses can send tailored messages to interested customers, increasing the likelihood of conversions.


Data-Driven Insights:

AI-driven analysis provides valuable insights into customer sentiment and preferences, helping businesses refine their marketing strategies.


Regulatory Compliance:

AI ensures accurate opt-out handling, aiding businesses in GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and 10DLC compliance.

Simple Set-up Process

Here’s a simple setup process for implementing an AI-based intent detection & classification tool for text messaging responses:



It's crucial because it helps businesses understand and categorize customer responses accurately, enabling them to respond appropriately, comply with regulations, and improve customer engagement.
The AI & machine learning algorithms analyze various factors, including keywords, sentiment, and context within the text messages to classify them into predefined categories like "Interested_general," "Neutral," or "Opt-Out."
ROI of implementing AI-based intent detection can be measured by considering factors such as reduced manual labor, time & cost saving, compliance with regulations, improved campaign targeting, and increased customer satisfaction. Tracking opt-out rates and conversions can provide valuable metrics that help you track the ROI of your SMS campaigns.
Regulatory compliance has been made stricter considering the user privacy laws in effect. By accurately identifying and handling opt-out requests, AI-based intent detection helps businesses comply with regulations like 10 DLC, GDPR, and CAN-SPAM, preventing unsolicited messaging.